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apparently this is how I cope. I know it’s really soon, so please don’t read it unless you really want to - canon ships involved, but not central, and, well, reference to canon character death. -ao3-


"It’s taller than he was."

Jake inspects the thin trunk of the tree with a barely-there smile. The marks are still there but they show signs of fading soon. He’d recognize that pocketknife-handwriting anywhere at this point, after watching his half-brother show him all the right ways to do it. He’s still not sure why he’ll ever need to know how to carve out messages in an efficient way, but it doesn’t really matter.

"Kinda hard to believe, isn’t it?" he says, looking back up at Marley. They have their graduation gowns on still, the red fabric nearly blinding in the sunlight. "I mean how tall it is."

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